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New Citizen

Posted by mtmom on October 19, 2007

Not much (if any) knitting content today — although I am decreasing for the toe on my Mad to Dance socks, and bought some new drawers for my yarn, and am practicing intarsia-in-the-round with another cap — but my main topic for this post is the new citizen of our household.  As yet unnamed, here she is: new kitty

She says, “I’m alright, as long as I’ve got uncle Michael’s elbow.”  kitty in elbow

“Although, my auntie’s lap is very nice, too.”  kitty in K's lap

2 Responses to “New Citizen”

  1. Nanette said

    She is so adorable! I am jealous you have that fun kitten energy around your house. I can’t wait to hear what you name her!

  2. ekgheiy said

    Aw, she is absolutely precious!!! I’m sure we’ll be seeing more pictures … *hint hint* 😉

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