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Moebius Action, and beyond

Posted by mtmom on October 14, 2007

Begun at Knitting Night; finished at Knitting Night . . . one week later.completed moebius mini-wrap

That’s FAST for me!me wearing neck-cozy

The tricky parts were picking up stitches in the bottom of the cast-on row (necessary for a one-phase “knit-it-twisted” moebius vs a two-phase “knit-flat-then-twist” moebius), and tracking the pattern in the fuzzy yarn I chose.

I found with this project, as I have before with other crank-it-out projects, that I don’t enjoy the process as much.  This does not bode well for the top-down skirt that dd Cherry wants.  But the current apparent unavailability of long skirts for small girls makes it a perfect candidate for do-it-yourself-ing. . . .  Perhaps I should rent a sewing machine again.  Sigh.  So hard on my shoulders!  Still, I don’t have to decide just yet.  We shall see.

I have yet to finish the Mad-to-Dance socks, or to start the second knee-high sock.  Wonder why?

But I am slowly progressing on the Master Knitter vest for dd Kathy.  Getting gauge with Falk on US size 4 inch of wooly vest

That’s a crocheted provisional cast on you see there — my favorite kind of prov. CO.  I’m planning to do the edging last; most likely in the round, after seaming the front and back, but perhaps flat and before seaming — we’ll see when we get nearer, shall we?

Oh, and have you seen this?finished 3rd pattern band

I’ve completed the third pattern band on my Fair Isle tubular swatch/scarf.  The original Snow Sky pullover (designed by Ann Swanson of Rochester, Minn., and published in Sweaters from Camp, Schoolhouse Press) was executed in silver and charcoal, to give the impression of snowflakes in a dark sky (very nice!); I’ve opted for a more floral look.  A very clever use of light and dark by Ms. Swanson, I think. 

Began the fourth pattern, but my first color choices don’t have enough contrast, so I’m doing the next rep in stronger tones.  I’m so glad to have color-work to do!

Much division of effort on the charitable knitting front.  With the local weather turning colder — a hiker told me she saw snow falling on the higher trails yesterday — I’ve felt the urge to get some warm hats into circulation.  Also the annual craft sale, orgainized by the gal who taught me to knit, comes up in November.  Perhaps I could get another item to her in time?  I try to make that offering each year, in thanks for the gift she gave me.  Mustn’t wander too far into WIP-limbo!!!sumac leaves (September)

2 Responses to “Moebius Action, and beyond”

  1. Angeluna said

    I thought all your knitting is looking lovely, until I scrolled down to that gorgeous piece of Fair Isle. Way to go!

  2. Angeluna said

    Forgot to mention, you should try Cat Bordhi’s moebius cast-on. Quite elegant, and easier than the one you did.

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