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A Trip Down (Sweater) Memory Lane

Posted by mtmom on September 29, 2007

From comments I’ve received on my post about finishing my “first for-me sweater”, I can tell that this term is too ambiguous.  What I meant was that it was the first sweater I’d ever made for myself.  Not to worry, though.  It triggered a little scavenger hunt — sweaters, sweaters, where are all the sweaters?  I pulled out all the sweaters I’d made before the Neapolitan Ice Cream Sweater (, all for children of various sizes.  And here they are:  All the sweaters made for the girls so far

These were made for the girls.  Clockwise from top-left:  gray cardigan was first, then yellow sweater-dress with color-work yoke and hem areas, the cream/brown boatneck for newest dd, soon followed by the green t-top.  The last 3 all self-designed, with varying degrees of input from books, especially by Elizabeth Zimmermann (Knitting Without Tears) and Maggie Righetti (Sweater Design in Plain English).

And this one I made for teenaged ds — had to broaden the chest from the original plan before I finished knitting it!  From the inner hem, one can tell I made this item in 2005.Michael's green sweater

Help for this one came from Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top.

So, now we’re up to date!

One Response to “A Trip Down (Sweater) Memory Lane”

  1. Angeluna said

    I love the signature and date in the hem of M’s sweater. Makes it special!

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