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Rejoice with me!

Posted by mtmom on September 13, 2007

The Ice Cream Sweater:  it’s finished!finished sweater, on juniper

Three days ago, I was at this point, eager to pick up neck stitches.neckline, waiting for band

When I had 20 stitches remaining in each sleeve section, I put the center-front stitches on a holding thread and began knitting back and forth, instead of in the round.  I continued decreasing at the 4 raglan points, but also decreased at the neck edges a few times in order to round the front neck corners.  See?

I was quickly running out of cream yarn, and so I rejoined the pink.  Then I ran out of that!  But I had enough cream to do the last few rows.  In the above photo I am ready to pick up stitches and work a band of ribbing around the opening.

Before long, that was completed!trying on the sweater

Over the next 3 days, I did the finishing:  wove the underarm joins and tucked in all yarn-ends.

So, now (barring changing my mind about the crew neckline & deciding to lower it), I’ve completed my first for-me sweater.  Hurray!

I’m already planning what’s next, yarn and books out on the bed . . . .


2 Responses to “Rejoice with me!”

  1. Nanette said

    Congrats on your first sweater – it really does remind me of ice cream! My first sweater didn’t fit well at all. Enjoy planning your next project!

  2. Angeluna said

    Yay for your first sweater. Looks like an excellent fit!

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