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Autumn Images

Posted by mtmom on September 8, 2007

The season is starting to turn, here on the mountain.

First, the sumac.Sumac leaves

And now the aspens.Small aspen tree, leaves turning gold

The edges turn gold first.Close-up view of leaves

Aren’t they lovely!  I just love the changing colors of this time of year!

The summer has been a time of growth.  Look at the size of this Locust tree “volunteer” that sprang up at the edge of the lawn just this past spring — that’s one season‘s growth.One-season-old locust tree

Unfortunately, this variety of locust bears some nasty-looking thorns.Thorn 

I’ve trimmed some of them off, but thought you all might like to see one.


One Response to “Autumn Images”

  1. DeeDee said

    Sigh… how I long for Autumn and it’s beautiful colors, but unfortunately, I live in northwest Florida where we don’t get those gorgeous reds, yellows, and oranges. Around here we have very few trees that turn colors and that doesn’t happen until well into winter. Oh well, we have gorgeous beaches, so there is still beauty to be found.

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