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Priorities, priorities. . .

Posted by mtmom on September 7, 2007

I’ve been pondering.

Our preacher this past weekend spoke about pride and humility.  What’s relevant here is his point about limitations and fraility being part of being human.  I cannot do everything — not even everything I want to do.  Not even all the knitting I would like to do. . . .

And David Reidy, in the essay portion of his delightful podcast last week (Aug. 26, Episode 33:  “Carpe Lanam”), encourages us to stretch ourselves and attempt a knitting challenge that interests us, saying things like, “Life is too short to/not to. . . .”

And I’m also beginning to feel the first twinges of possible-arthritis in my hands.  I remember my grandmother’s struggles. . . .

All this has me thinking.

Of the many the knitting projects I’d like to get around to, and all the skills I’d like to develop and hone, which would I put at the top of the heap?  Which would I really consider a shame not to get around to?  Which of my most heartfelt knitting goals remain unrealized? 

I REALLY want to make myself a cardigan that fits well (and looks great).  What concrete actions am I taking towards that goal?

[Better get back to the Ice Cream sweater and Fair Isle swatching! ;)]

And then I’d also like to make Lord Scott and Major Bruce some nice-fitting kilt hose.  That area is progressing nicely, what with the knee socks I’m working on for shaping-practice.  Though at times it does seem to be going more slowly than I’d like — can’t do it all at once, but one step, one stitch at a time.  I’m human, remember?

Still, if it’s worth doing [and that’s what we’re examining here], then it’s worth the time.

But, what about some of those other things on my needles and in my queue. . . ?  Re-evaluation time!


Sorry that I have no new photos for you today, dear readers.  Just ruminations on Knitting and Life and Time.

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