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How’re those knee socks coming along?

Posted by mtmom on September 1, 2007

Here’s tonight’s photo:sock on floor

The pins represent 10 rounds each, and save me re-re-(and re-)counting when I go to reproduce the size in the second sock and on paper.

As you can see, I’ve progressed with the calf-shaping almost to the widest point.  My calculations told me I needed to average one pair of increases every 4 rounds.  However, after increasing at that rate for a while, I felt the leg was getting wide too quickly, so I ripped again. — Just a few rounds this time, though. —  And I began again, this time spacing the increase-pairs 5 rounds apart and planning to speed this up only as I got further up the leg.  I think my gauge may have tightened up a bit; I’m getting more rounds to the inch here than I was getting on the foot.

But the fit is looking pretty good!sock on leg

Here’s a close-up of the leg-back decreases and increases.  Two stitches between pairs of +/-‘s.close-up of shaping

I’m rather pleased.  What do you think?

Coming soon:  2007 County Fair ribbons!


One Response to “How’re those knee socks coming along?”

  1. DeeDee said

    Your knee socks/stockings are looking great. The increases and decreases look very neat and tidy and the fit looks awesome. I love the idea of putting a small safety pin every 10 rows to help keep track of the total rows knit; that will be a real time saver when you make the second sock. Will have to add that to my sock knitting tips.

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