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Posted by mtmom on August 27, 2007

An almost-current photo of my first knee sock:

first foot to ankle

Since I took this, I progressed about 5 inches but then ripped back to the beginning of post-heel-turn decreases, i.e. one round past the return to green after the blue, having decided to rearrange the decreases [more on that below].  Now I’m 6″ up from the heel-bottom and beginning to increase for the calf.

I am very much encouraged to find myself actually doing the calculations I’ve previously only read about in others’ blogs and articles on calf-shaping:  using row-gauge to calculate the number of rounds I have available in which to distribute the number of decreases specified by the stitch-gauge.  [uh. . .give me that again?]  Well, I figured I wanted 6 decreases, to eliminate just over one inch of girth, at 5.333 stitches per inch.  Then I calculated that I would have 24 rounds over which to space them, because I want to reach the minimum-width by 3 1/2″ above the heel-top, at about 7 rounds per inch.  Anyway. . . .

I made some of the decreases along the midlines, and some at the back.  I eventually ripped back because I decided the make the back decreases sooner, and the midline decreases more widely spaced.  Not exactly according to formula, in the end; used some informed eye-balling.  But at lease I knew where I was going.  🙂

The ice cream sweater is proceeding apace, but really doesn’t look much different, so no photo today.  Soon, I hope; OK?

On the other hand, I have been thoroughly enjoying the entrelac baby blanket and am almost done with the 4th row of shapes, the 4th color is Lavender.  4th color in entrelace baby blanket

I find the back-and-forth rhythm of knitting forward 10 and backward 10 somehow pleasing, interspersed with the pick-up rows for new rectangles and the joining columns where I connect the new to the old. . . .   A nice balance of change and continuity, of challenge and “mindlessness”.  Not sure which color I’ll use for the next row; I have 2 more I have not yet used, but it may be time to repeat. . . ?  Ah, the joys of the creative process!  😉

Somewhere, I’ll have to squeeze back in my Fair Isle work and the Master Knitter program.  Both of these represent goals in my knitting that I’m not ready to abandon!  Wish me well!  Thanks!


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