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Beginnings, beginnings. . . And Connections.

Posted by mtmom on August 13, 2007

Boy, have I missed blogging this week.  But now I’m back in the saddle again!

I’d been feeling a bit overwhelmed, but am starting to come out from under it.  Not much of a mystery, actually.  Seems I’ve recently started 3 new projects, without having finished any others to make room for them.  So priorities have had to be reconfigured.

Ice Cream sweater still gets bedtimes, and the entrelac still gets sabbath-time, but I’ve laid aside the Mystery Stole altogether and moved the Fair Isle swatch further down in the WIP basket {sigh}.  What have I begun, you ask?  (1) A double-knit cap, to write up into a formal pattern for some of my knitting-circle-friends, and perhaps someday submit for publication.  (2) A pair of worsted-weight knee-high socks for myself, to practice calf-shaping to measurements.  (3) A pair of “I love Gansey” socks for the Six Sox Knitalong.

The cap I’ve begun at least twice, and am about to rip back and begin again, having repeatedly changed my mind about cast-ons and color-patterning.  (When I know that other knitters will be following me in these steps, I feel anxious both to “make it good” and to “keep it simple and clear.”)  The Gansey socks (designed by an actual Guernsey resident — I think that’s extra cool) I have only just cast on.  The knee socks, however, have seen some good progress.beginnings of knee sock  Mostly because of the 5.333 spi gauge.

Yarn is Canadian Regal from Schoolhouse Press, in Quoddy Blue and Meadow Green.  Needles are US size 5 dpns, some aluminum and one birch.  No formal pattern.

One interesting thing I’ve learned, as I consider all these current projects and how to prioritize them:  Each is connected to a person or group of people.  And I feel my connection to them, in varying degrees of intimacy, while I’m knitting on the item.  My Ice Cream sweater connects me to Elizabeth Zimmermann and her daughter Meg Swansen, whose techniques I (through book-author Jacqueline Fee) am using, and also to my own children whose bedtime I spend knitting on it.  The double-knitting cap, as much trouble as it has been giving me lately, connects me to the group at Wednesday evening Knitting Night, who want to be able to make one like it.  The “Mad to Dance” socks are part of Sock Madness, and “I love Gansey” is the current project of the Six Sox Knitalong — both very pleasant and fun online groups.  The knee socks remind me of the various people I hope to bless with custom-fitted kilt hose, as well as the 2 other knitters I have recently “met” who share my interest in stockings, Debbie G. and Brenda J.  And each of these projects I also discuss here, with you, gentle reader.  My seemingly solitary knitting time turns out actually to be relationship-building time, rich with conversation-fodder.  With whom do I wish to “converse” today. . . ?


One Response to “Beginnings, beginnings. . . And Connections.”

  1. Angeluna said

    Hi! You have indeed been busy. Have you signed up for Ravelry? Hugs, Moi

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