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Sock Tinker-ing

Posted by mtmom on July 21, 2007

Do you see that hole?hole in sock

I did my best 20-minute-mend on it, with reinforcing thread I had on hand.mended hole 

Not the best match, but pretty sound and comparably stretchy to the rest of the fabric.

But what makes this particularly cool is the utterly amazing sock the hole happened to :front view of Tinker sock front

back view of Tinker sock and side/back view.

Isn’t that the most amazing Argyle sock patterning you’ve ever seen?!  (Rox, what say ye?)

No, I didn’t make these.  A very talented gal in Portland who runs D & D Natural Fibers (no web presence?) designed these.  She — get this — custom-dyed them to match a particular version of a particular tartan, and then machine-knit them for this particular (also cool) bagpiper:  Aaron Shaw

This is Aaron Shaw of the Wicked Tinkers, out of California.  He and his band are here in Flagstaff for a U.S. School of Piping summer program and N. AZ Celtic Heritage Society’s 2007 Celtic Festival/Highland Games.  And this knitter did her best to mend his hose between sets.

The Wicked Tinkers

Jay Atwood on didgeridoo; Warren Patrick Casey on bass drum; Aaron Shaw on pipes; and Keith Jones on percussion (snare et al).  Very exciting and alot of fun!  Thanks, guys!

2 Responses to “Sock Tinker-ing”

  1. Love your work and site! The socks are great!

    Knitski from TKGA,


  2. Angele said

    Those socks are amazing! I would love the pattern. I could add it to my hundreds of other sock patterns that I’ve been meaning to get around to some day! Wish you were in Dallas to meet in person!

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