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Latvia and Fair Isle, a la Mt. Mom

Posted by mtmom on July 17, 2007

Lorri mentions in the Comments that she’d like to see my Latvian mittens.  Well, although I have used a Latvian braid, I did not use it on a mitten. . . I used a braid at 2 places in my first sampler scarf  (pre-blog and pre-LYS-loss, around 2005).

Here’s the first braid:  first Latvian braid

The process was frustrating, but the result was stimulating.  I did another braid around the bottom edge of the tubular scarf.  The second go was easier, especially when I kept in mind the reward.  Second Latvian braid

Across the Baltic Sea from Latvia . . . Fair Isle!

In this third major swatch-band, based on the Snow Sky sweater pattern in Sweaters from Camp, I’ve moved from MC brown to red.Reds in swatch

Perhaps the original’s black & white snowflakes can be made to look like red & pink flowers . . . ?

Here’s the whole swatch so far.Fair Isle swatch

This process is supposed to help me decide on which pattern to use in a sweater and/or vest.  But it’s pretty enjoyable in itself!  (Plus being good practice on stranding technique.)

One Response to “Latvia and Fair Isle, a la Mt. Mom”

  1. Suzanne said

    The swatch is gorgeous! I’d love some of the patterns that you have used as well as knowing the technique of stranding that you used.

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