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Signed, Sealed, Delivered. . .it’s yours!

Posted by mtmom on July 14, 2007

Dulaan cap is all done!  Elastic tied & trimmed, edges grafted, ends tucked in.  My husband delivered it to their office downtown on Heritage Square.  Today and tomorrow, the F.I.R.E. folks will be sorting donations and packing them all up to ship overseas.  I pray this cap will find its way to the most appropriate head.  Here it is, modeled inside-out as well as right-side-out, by 2 likely-sized youth.

inside-out on kathy   right-side-out on cherry

I have written up a sketchy pattern, because some of the gals at Knitting Night have expressed interest.  Guess it would be best to knit from the pattern, with a locally available yarn, to see if it indeed produces a hat of realistic dimensions, with no ambiguities.  Also including the things I thought I would “do differently next time.”

Mystery Stole 3

I have been struggling with this project, but have found ways around most difficulties so far.  To help me keep my place visually as I work across a row, I have colored the inc/dec pairs either orange (right-leaning 0/) or blue (left-leaning ).  Much easier now!!

portion of colored-in chart  (not enough to give anything away. . .)


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