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Dulaan Deadline Descending

Posted by mtmom on July 9, 2007

[OK, so I couldn’t think of a better D-word.  😉 ]

The 14th is approaching — Have *you* posted your wooly contribution?

Being in the same town, I only have to drive over to the east side and drop mine off, some time when they’re about.  Still, I’m pushing to finish.

I slipped some of my cap’s stitches onto a second needle (of smaller tip-circumference and greater cable-length), and tried it on a handy youth  Cap on Kathy Rose . . .who declared it pleasantly snug.

Looked pretty good for depth, so I decided to begin to close it off . . . with grafting, also called tubular bind-off.  I slipped some stitches onto dpn’s, separating front/outside (dark) stitches from back/inside (light) stitches.  While I have the layers laid open so nicely, I decided to run a few lines of elastic thread through the inside as I move around the circumference.Layers separated for grafting, with elastic added

(The cap is prone to stretch-out, I fear.)  You can see the beginnings of my grafting over to the right.

Here’s another detail photo, but . . .it’s a bit blurry.  [Sorry!  I tried.]Detail of grafted edges

I like this technique.  The front stitches appear to just flow over the edge and into the light stitches of the inside surface, because I’ve Kitchnered the layer-edges together as if they were a sock-toe.

On the publishing front. . .
I am eagerly looking forward to the release of Meg Swansen’s new book, written in collaboration with camper M’lou Baber, of as-yet-unknown title.  It’ll be full of projects utilising the double-knitting techniques I’ve used in this cap.  [How’s it coming, ladies?]  I intend to post the news here when I learn of its availability.


One Response to “Dulaan Deadline Descending”

  1. Lorri said

    I would love to see a picture of your Latvian mittens some time. I see that you are trying to substitute with Knitpicks Pallette. I did that on my Donegal sweater. After finishing it, I think I do not like how it turned out. The colors were so limited. At least now they have added some extra colors. I think that your swatches are turning out better than mine though. Happy knitting!

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