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Dulaan and Mystery Stole

Posted by mtmom on July 7, 2007

The Dulaan cap proceeds apace.  I’ve gotten it back on a circular needle, for the convenience of not having to change needles as I go around, but this time it’s on a Boye metal needle.  I hope my gauge isn’t too much affected by the switch from bamboo to metal — that’s definitely a factor in my knitting, in general:  my stitches are tighter on the catchi-er bamboo than on the more slippery metal.

I’ve finished the hearts pattern and have changed to a stripe.  By a chart in my files, a cap that’s about 18″ around (like this one, on the inside where the head will go) should measure 6″ or more from crown-shaping down to the bottom edge.  That would mean I have about 2″ more to go.  I’m not sure how reliable my chart is — anyone out there have a good source relating hat circumference to height?

Dulaan cap  Dulaan cap so far.  Hearts outside…

Inside of Dulaan cap  . . . and inside too! 

The Mystery Stole 3 KnitALong is now closed to new members.  Clue 2 was released yesterday, Friday, but I’m not ready for that chart yet.  I have finished the first of 2 charts from last week’s Clue 1. 

Mystery Stole at end of Chart A  Chart A  completed 

I’m starting to have problems keeping my place.  I find it harder to “see” the lace pattern with its lines of O’s and decreases than to see color patterns — lining up what I want to do on the current row with what is on/just below my needles from the previous row.  Markers between the selvedge, the border, and the emerging central panel are proving very helpful, as is the re-position-able Post-It tape for my chart, but I still find myself sometimes reading the wrong row, thinking I’ve just finished the row I’m actually suppossed to do next, and moving the tape too soon.  (At least, I think that’s how it’s happening — twice so far.)  And I’m finding my dental floss lifelines frustrating to knit around on the subsequent row!   I shall press on, ‘cus I’m learning and improving, and the results are lovely; but there is a limit. . . .


One Response to “Dulaan and Mystery Stole”

  1. elanknits said

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the hat, heads come in all different sizes , knits stretch & it will fit someone.

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