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2 Legs are “Mad to Dance”.

Posted by mtmom on July 1, 2007

No, I don’t mean me — [although, actually, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea!  “Oh, hubby, dear. . . .”]

— I mean my socks.  I’ve been working on my “Mad to Dance” socks since round 5 of Sock Madness, when the pattern was released to all current and eliminated competitors.  I’ve completed 3 repeats of the leg-pattern (I wanted a longer leg than specified in the original design) on both legs and am heading into the heel flaps.  The directions for this transition were . . . a bit less than clear to me.  I tried a few different approaches as to how to switch to back-and-forth while segueing into an all-cables (vs cables alternating with lace panels) rhythm.  On one sock, I worked all of round 25 from the main chart, then turned back to do the first (decrease) row of the heel chart on the second half of my stitches.  On the other sock, I worked only half the stitches according to the main chart, and then turned back on those first-half stitches to begin the heel chart.  So now, sock 1 has the instep stitches ready for rd 26, but sock 2 has instep ready for rd 25.  [Self:  take note!] 

Why not do both the same and avoid potential confusion when I resume full rounds?  This way, when wearing the (Lord willing!) finished socks, my end of round can be on the inner-side of my leg on both socks at the same time.  Probably this won’t matter “to the eye of the most casual observer” (as one of my math profs was fond of saying); it’s a fine detail.  But I feel rather clever figuring out how to do both possibilities, and it explains some of the ambiguities of the designer’s descriptions of this section:  she may have been allowing for both possibilities.2 legs completed

I increased my needle size on the last (bottom) inch of each leg, to allow for the relative narrownes of the upper ankle parts.  (I’m learning how to custom fit my socks — or trying to.)

Pattern by Treesa.
  Yarn is Knit Picks “Bare” merino/silk.
  Needles are HiyaHiya and Knit Picks circulars in sizes US 1 (upper leg) and 1.5 (last 10 rounds or so) — that’s 2.25 and 2.5 mm.

Here are some more progress shots: 

Dulaan cap. . .Dulaan cap progresses

3rd color-pairing (brown & yellow) in band 3 of the Fair Isle swatch. . . 3rd color trial on 3rd design band

the whole Fair Isle swatch so far. . . swatch into 3rd band  

and the Ice Cream sweater well into the yoke section. . .Ice Cream Sweater

. . . and the first 16 rows or so of Mystery Stole 3, including beads!

beginnings of Mystery Stole 3


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