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Posted by mtmom on June 27, 2007

[I am so enjoying having extra blogging-time this week!]

I finished the lace test-swatch suggested by Melanie at pinklemontwist, to try out yarn and needle sizes for her upcoming Mystery Stole 3.  For the Mystery pattern I am using Mystery yarn!  This “antique gold” cashmere-silk blend 2-ply was a gift, and came on un-labeled cones.  In the swatch, I tried size 4 birch, size 5 bamboo, and size 4 metal.   I eliminated the size 5 pretty quickly, so almost the entire swatch is done on size 4 needles, but note the increasing width:  my gauge was loosening as I went along.  Still, I don’t like a sloppy feel when I’m knitting. . . .lace swatch

I haven’t much experience with lace-knitting, so this is very much an exploration for me.

And here’s a cap update.cap in progress

. . . with Columbine.  Coming along pretty nicely, I think.
I’m making it up as I go along.  As my friend and knitting teacher Julie says, “It’ll fit *some*body!”  And it’s sure to keep a head warm.

Continued good knitting to you!


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  1. Angeluna said

    Gorgeous new blog, Sweetheart! Love what you are doing. I was just checking out who had done Sidewinders and you had commented on someones so I came over to leave you a note and saw this! Wish you lived closer. We will be knitting the Mystery Shawl together through BNKnits.

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