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Fair Isle swatch continues to grow.

Posted by mtmom on June 26, 2007

While I’m waiting to get my photo-links working, I’ll write new post about something else.

I’m well into the 3rd pattern band on my Fair Isle tube-swatch.  The first was from Sweaters from Camp; the second from Traditional Fair Isle Knitting; the third revisits SFC.  [Note:  Schoolhouse Press will be letting this title go out of print, since so many of the Shetland wool colors used in its patterns are being discontinued by Jamieson & Smith.  See the notice at the bottom of the main “wool” page on SP’s website.] 

In pattern band 2, I made a mistake.  Can you see it?

band 2 with color mistake

Keeping in mind the symmetry traditionally associated with Fair Isle patterns, you may notice that I didn’t change the orange color to peach beneath the center line, whereas I did use peach above the center.

Here, I went back and inserted the peach using duplicate stitch.  Pretty cool, huh?

band 2 with color corrected

In this shot, you can see a bit of the third pattern band, in dark brown and sky blue.

beginnings of 3rd band  Also a view of the corrugated ribbing separting bands 2 and 3.  Next, I think I’ll try some different contrast colors in place of the blue:  cream, and then light orange.  Those would be more similar to the brown in hue, while still contrasting in value (light/dark).  [Using my color theory here.]


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