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Progress, Progess.

Posted by mtmom on June 6, 2007

Tonight at Knitting Night I finished the pink/cream boucle scarf. I’m still not sure if it’s destined for keeping or for the Craft Sale.

As you can see, I have not yet tucked in the ends . . . lots of ends.

I also got to a stopping place on the Spring Break sock — I want to measure it to see if I have enough stitches yet. I’m using my new rosewood dpns from Knitting Zone.

I have been working all the way around on my ice cream sweater, both sleeves joined with the body. Having reaced 1 1/2″ since the joining round, I have begun the yoke decreases. I’ve switched my plan from doing a raglan to working saddle-shoulders or fitted shoulders, a la Elizabeth Zimmermann’s templates in Knitting Without Tears and a Wool Gathering backissue. Those latter shapes only differ at the very top, so I won’t have to decide for quite a while yet.

And here’s my Fair Isle swatch. I’m nearly done with the first post-ribbing motif. At this point, I think I’ll do some corrugated ribbing after this motif, or else a peerie pattern, and follow that with a different motif. Maybe from Feitelson?

You can also see here the new Clover thimble gadget I’m trying out. I like it. Making the needle-switching easier — not so much finger-yarn-jugglling when I get reset for each new needle’s-worth of stitches. Also easier keeping both yarns evenly tensioned.


One Response to “Progress, Progess.”

  1. Renée said

    Hi, I’m Renée. Nice blog you have here. I enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your projects. Lots of great pictures. That Clover thimble looks interesting, I may get one and try it!

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