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Posted by mtmom on May 31, 2007

May 28, 2007 “And the Winner Is. . .”

I have 2 “winners” in mind here.  One is Kristi R, known in the Sock Madness universe as the indomitable knitter473.  She bested Joy in the final round of a great race.  Congratulations to Kristi — and to all the contestants and designers and coordinators who made this so much fun!Here are her winning “Mashup Madness” socks.


The other “winner” is the knitting charity whom I have chosen to receive my yarn-swap-leftovers.  Julie MacDonald, who originally taught me to knit (!), knits voraciously every year for her church’s annual Craft Sale.  Proceeds benefit a selected outreach program; one year it was a halfway house for women in Russia.

Beauty and Peace

I have continued to think about the connection between our emotions and the perception of beauty in our lives.

This all began with the Lord’s Prayer.  A few years back, I read the Kay Arthur book Lord, Teach Me to Pray . . . in 48 Days.  Her basic premise was that Jesus meant the Lord’s Prayer (or “Disciple’s Prayer”, as some prefer to call it) as an outline for our daily prayers at least as much as He meant it to be something memorized and recited.  “Hallowed be Thy name,” was a cue for praise; “Give us this day. . . ,” ushers us into a time of petition and intercession; and so on.  When I pray for “our daily bread”, I began to ask for “bread” or sustenance for me (and my family) in both a physical and spiritual sense — that He would provide for our tangible and our intangible needs.  I recalled the (modern?) idea of the human soul being made up of mind, will, and emotions.  I prayed for support, care, and growth in each of these three areas.  And then came to my mind another great three, tracing its roots back to the Reformation (I’m not sure of historical details beyond this):  the trio of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  Connections started to shimmer for me.  Truth for the Mind.  Goodness for the Will.  These were, perhaps, obvious, but Beauty for the Emotions. . . ?

Beauty for the Emotions.  Not such a strange idea, really.  What stresses my emotions?  A relationship being out of balance, lacking harmony.  Discord.  Mess and disorder in the house. [Thank you for codifying this connection between mess, and stress, and peace, FlyLady.]   Work, rest and play being out of proportion.  Energy sinks outstripping energy sources. A lack of “sparkle” in my days.   And aren’t order, proportion, harmony (and “sparkle”) basic components of beauty?  When beauty seems to be lacking in my life, my emotions suffer.  And distressed emotions can inhibit our perception of beauty.  Can looking at visible beauty (like in my knitting) provide emotional sustenance, strengthening me for life’s demands?  Probably!  Listening to beautiful music?  Yes!  What about other types of beauty, as I’ve begun to see it:  unsolicited hugs from a child, a smile, a breakthrough in a difficult situation.  Most definitely!  This is an empowering insight.  Beauty has more forms than I had seen before, and it matters very much that I/we see it!

To Beauty!  “Bread” for the emotions.


May 20, 2007 “Yarn Swap”

Today my knitting group met at my house for a yarn swap.  (The photo is fuzzy, I know.  But it conveys a bit of the flavor of the event.) 

Everything that was left over, I said I’d donate somewhere.  The question now is:  Where?

I recall hearing about at least 2 donation-seeking programs, but now I can’t recall names.  I need an address.  Anybody out there know some “deserving” program(s) needing yarns?  I have cotton, wool, acrylic, and blends; some plain, some fancy.

Any leads?


May 8,2007 “In Other News. . .”

I’ve been thinking lately about peace and about beauty, and in particular how the latter relates to the emotions.  But that’s going to take some working on to get my words to say what I want, so I plan to work on it “on the side” (i.e. just within my own word processor file) for a while yet.Meanwhile,

some photo updates!

A scarf from tripled yarn, gifted by Julie MacDonald.

Ice Cream Sweater.

In 3 pieces.  Tonight I finished the increases on the second sleeve, and am heading into the straight section.  I hope soon to join all 3 pieces on one long circular needle and begin raglan yoke shaping.  Directions from Jacqueline Fee’s book The Sweater Workshop.  Yarn is Botanica from Halcyon Yarn, one of their “house” yarns; here in 4 colors.

Sock Madness Round 5 sock, “Mad to Dance”, in Knit Picks “Bare” yarn (70% merino, 30% silk) on size 1 Magic Loop circular needles.

And a toe (really, really!) for Cookie A’s sock “Baudelaire”, in Apple Pie yarn, colorway “Earthly Delights” on size 1 Magic Loop circular.  Doing this in a KAL with Angeluna and her Sisters of the Wool knitting group in Fort Worth.  Very rich colors in this yarn.

My Master Handknitter work is languishing in a nice bag behind my Blue Chair.

But socks for my mother are nearing completion — hopefully, in time for Mother’s Day!

The second sock needs about 5″ of leg-ribbing.  Go, me, go!


May 6, 2007 “Semi-finals done. Finals next.”

Poster by our own Vikkie.

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