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Posted by mtmom on May 31, 2007

April 30, 2007 “More Sock Madness”

We are down to . . .

[Vikkie/Yarnatic made this “poster” for all of us — nice, huh?]

I have been working the “Mad to Dance” pattern of Round 5, and as of last night this is how far I’d gotten (I’ve done 50% more since then).

 I’m using Knit Picks undyed merino-silk blend Bare yarn and US size 1 (2.25 mm) needles.  Lace AND cables together.

During this tournament, I’ve been accumulating small-gauge needles (and yarns!), sizes 000 through 2.5.  I have learned more about needle-sizing.  For instance, Inox and Knit Picks (and Addi?) call things 1’s that are 2.5 mm instead of 2.25 mm.  Likewise their 2’s.  But HiyaHiya, emerging as my current non-Addi favorite with their nice, smooth joins for Magic Loop, makes *all* these sizes, labelling them with both US sizes and mm’s on the website, so you know in advance exactly what you’re ordering.  I like that.  Alot.  I get them (and lots of yummy yarns!) through The Knitting Zone.  [Why “non-Addi”?  A matter of expense, while I’m trying out a new sub-category of knitting.  I may later supplement; may not.]

What about Round 4 and the Mad Weave socks?  I frogged them.  They were turning out too small and stiff, and I didn’t feel like starting them over at a larger gauge in the *same* yarn because I didn’t like the colors *that* much.  That left me free to start the Round 5 pattern along with the Elite Eight and the rest of the “bleacher squad”.  But here are pictures.

The “diagonal weave” stitch on the front and back of the leg.

And 2 squiggly mini-cables going down the sides, diverging at the ankle.

German heel (so called by Elizabeth Zimmermann) and beginnings of gusset.  One squiggly back-and-forth mini-cable continues down each side of the heel flap.  See how I continued the heel-stich under the heel for a bit?  In hopes of greater endurance.

Yarn was Regia Silk Colors, colorway Sienna, on needles US sizes 0 and 1.

There *are* other knitting projects in my life; really, there are.  But they have very much taken a back seat while this competition continues.  Two more rounds to go.  I hope soon to post updates on the Ice Cream Sweater — perhaps better named the Bedtime Sweater because of the time slot I use to work on it — and on the green socks for my mother.  Both continue, slowly.  My Master Handknitter work is languishing behind my chair.  Sigh!  I have begun a few other things, and have been invited to join a CookieA Baudelaire sock KAL, so things may be kicking up a bit around here soon.


April 19, 2007 “Virginia Tech”

Image Hosted by With prayers for the survivors: students and faculty, staff and “townies”; and for the families who lost loved ones.  May God be with them in their grief and pain.[Button from knitnana via Tracey’s Extreme Adventures in Knitting and Motherood.]


April 16, 2007 “Trophy Buttons”

Lookie, lookie!  Brand new buttons, awarded as trophies!                 

I got these for completing Rounds 1 and 2 of the Sock Madness tournament.

I was eliminated in Round 3, for finishing my socks 5 hours after my opponent — pretty close considering it took me 4 days of solid knitting, with days off in between for observing the triduum of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Vigil.  But I *love* the socks!

Pattern:  “Painted Madness” by Tricia Weatherston.
Yarn:  Koigu PPPM, shade #419 (dye lot 334) — love it!
Beads: ??? from EarthFaire.  Added to yarn by tiny steel crochet hook.
Needles:  US sizes 1 and 0, bamboo dpn’s and steel-tipped circulars Magic Loop style.

Round 4 is currently in process.  Eventhough I’ve been eliminated, I am knitting along on the “Mad Color Weave Socks” pattern.  It involves left and right twists and the Diagonal Weave stitch pattern from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (that’s Volume 1 of the set of 4 Treasury books).  I started it using Regia Silk Colors, which is self-striping, but I’m not sure I’m liking it enough to continue in that yarn — may start over with something more vibrant.  Here’s a progress shot.

In further Sock Madness news:
The coordinators, Hillary and Felicia, are selecting 2 prize-winners from each round:  one who was eliminated and one who made it through to the next round, “because everyone’s a winner in Sock Madness.”  Tricia Weatherston, the designer for Round 3, selected me to receive a prize for that round– for being a gracious loser in a very close race.  She asked my color preferences and mailed me some Claudia’s Handpainted and Trekking XXL sock yarns.  (How great is that!)

             Thanks, Tricia!


April 1, 2007 “Round 2 and Spring Snow”

Sock Madness Round 2 is done — I made it!

Here are the Mad-tini socks I made.

Finished in the wee hours of Saturday, 24 March, 2007.
Yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport, colorway “Flames”.
Needles were US sizes 1.5 (2.5 mm) and 2 (2.75 mm)  HiyaHiya circulars and Inox Express circulars and Clover bamboo dpn’s.

I worked one sock past the gusset, then began the second sock on another needle. I used dpns to do the heel and gusset portions.  I found that 29″ circulars are indeed long enough to use for the Magic Loop technique, but 40″s work well too.

Can you see the textures on the cuff and leg portions? The pattern (by Karin Bole) involved alot of psso-ing (leg) and pyoo-ing (cuff and heel).  The heel flap uses Eye of Partridge stitch.

Sock Madness participants and spectators are currently (as of 3/29) awaiting an announcement of the start-time of round 3.  I hope it won’t interfere with my observance of the triduum.

Spring Snow

March is often a snowy month in  Flagstaff,
and today we have some fluffy white stuff coming down.  I’m glad I took this picture . . .
and this. . .

before this. . .

and this. . . .

Snow is lovely.
But it is a bit hard on the new-sprung flowers.

April 1, 2007 “Buttons, Buttons!”

This is the tournament in which I’m now involved.Sock Madness Radioactive 

And here is something I’d like to do after the above is finished.


Hosted by Nanette Blanchard of Knitting in Color.


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