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Posted by mtmom on May 31, 2007

March 28, 2007 “Rabbit Wisdom”

A word to the wise . . . and the compassionate.  Bunnies are living things, best given only to those fully prepared to take care of them for all their long, furry life. _____________________________________________________________March 23, 2007 “Sock Madness Update”

Round 1 — I made the first cut!

I snagged the 9th spot out of 16.  Thirty-four knitters competed in my bracket.  These are my finished socks:

Pattern:  “Mad Cow Socks” by Jennifer Booker Young [jenniferteacher AT gmail DOT com]
Yarns:  Opal and NuLamb 
Needles:  size 1.5, 47″ steel-tipped circular by HiyaHiya. [The Knitting Zone]  Magic Loop method.

Round 2 began today.

I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in the “Flames” colorway, on size 2 HiyaHiya circular needles, both from The Knitting Zone. [Thanks, Mary — you are fast!]

Here is the cuff of my “Mad-tini” sock.  Isn’t it cute?

And here’s my progress as of about 11 p.m.  I’ve just finished the patterned leg.

I’m wondering if I should add a few rounds of plain stockinette for transition into the ankle or whether I should just follow the pattern as written.


March 10, 2007 “Socks and Spring, Round and Flat”


Sock Madness begins tomorrow.

This may cut into my blogging time.

Not having seen the pattern yet, these are the yarn-pairs I’m considering using for the first elimination round.



Spring is springing.

Spring has not officially arrived, but our ground is thawing.  I saw prairie dogs for the first time again this week!  This is how our yard’s soil looks where the grass (the spiky stuff) is thin.  Odd texture, isn’t it?  I wonder why it bunches up like that?

We still have snow in shady areas.

But beside the house’s warm concrete foundation, the tulips are coming up – even through the loops of the garden hose.


More Knitting


For my charitable/Sabbath knitting, I’m working on a cap for a local elementary school.  The yarn is a variegated acrylic (has to be machineable through and through):  “Surf and Turf” in TLC Essentials.  I began at the top with Emily Ocher’s circular beginning, as per Elizabeth Zimmermann. 


Thence I increased at 8 points: every round 3 times, every other round until size seemed about right, and then every third round until the color-spiral got so slow that it threatened to pool.  I increased one round more, to make the spiral reverse.  See?


When it gets “long enough”, I’ll increase maybe 8-10%, switch to smaller needles (6 or 7, vs 8 on the top), and finish with 2” or so of ribbing.  Bind off is undecided as of yet.

Here is a shot of the reversible 2-color potholder I made for my brother — before felting and edging [‘nother story].  It did arrive on time (hurray, USPS!).  I’m considering writing it up in more detail, but the main thing I learned on this, my second project using this technique, was how to move both yarns forward and back more quickly and easily.  This made the project much more enjoyable, and made the prospect of doing a larger project seem feasible and attractive.  [Go Meg and M’lou!]


March 3, 2007 “How many, many feet you meet.”

“There [at Henny’s Yarn Shop], chatty women congregated, eager to make something wonderful out of nothing.”

— Marisa Labozzetta’s essay, “The Eisenhower Jacket”, page 119 in KnitLit:  Sweaters and their Stories . . . and Other Writing about Knitting, edited by Linda Roghaar & Molly Wolf

Bringing beauty into reality is a high and noble calling indeed.  And we can do it, my fellow fiber artists; we can! And regularly (or, at least periodically 😉 ) we do!

. . . I want to do that more and more.  How about you?


Left foot, right foot, feet, feet, feet!

And speaking of bringing beauty into the world . . .

here are the feet of my two lovely daughters, wearing “the socks Mama made me”.  The striped ones were my first socks ever.  I made them about a year and a half ago with guidance from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears.  Yarn is “Strapaz” Ringel Color by Steinback Wolle (Austria).  The ones with contrasting heel and toe derive from Simple Socks:  Plain and Fancy by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.  Yarn is “Silja” Strompegarn Superwash by Asa Gjestal Spinneri (Norway), 6.5 sts/inch. [I think this comes via Plymouth Yarns.] 

And here are their feet again, along with my own daughterly feet modeling a partial sock intended for my mother.  More “Silja” on size 3 needles; my first time using 2 circulars and working toe-up.  Technique help from Wendy.  I’ve had socks on my mind a lot since signing up for SockMadness.  But it’s also been wonderful corresponding with new acquaintances, like Jeri and Jo. [Hey, I found the Insert Link button!]

Leaving socks for the moment, here is the completed swatch of the “Happiness sign”/“St. John’s cross” motif from Elsebeth Lavold’s Viking Patterns for Knitting.  I can hardly imagine all the sketching and swatching she must have done in order to develop the clever technique presented in that book.  [Way to go, Elsebeth!]  Yarn is BartlettYarn 100% wool, also sold under the name “Sheepswool, 2-ply” by Schoolhouse Press.  Needles size 8.


I hope to devote another post soon to 2-color double-knitting.  This is a remarkable [IMO]but accessible technique that produces a reversible color-patterned fabric.  I’ve done two small projects using this method.  I enjoy it and my skill is improving, but there’s definitely “more east to go”.  [Meg and M’lou, keep at the new book, OK?]  I’ll have to see how the photos turn out. . . .

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