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Archive from Jan. 2007

Posted by mtmom on May 29, 2007

Jan. 28, 2007 “Initial Entry”

Let the favor [or beauty] of the Lord our God be upon us,
   and establish the work of our hands upon us;
   yes, establish the work of our hands!
–Psalm 90:17

Let’s begin with some Works in Progress.

Red Glove (singular)
pattern/source:  Beverly Royce, Notes on Double Knitting, with adaptations.
yarn:  Jamieson Shetland jumper-weight, color #129, from Schoolhouse Press.
needles:  Clover bamboo dpns, size 2
I hope to do a second glove by Meg Swansen’s pattern in her book Handknitting with Meg Swansen.

I changed the shaping at the thumb-join by working k2tog vs ssk, and slowing down the rate of decreasing to 2/4 rds.  After finishing, I shortened 2 of the fingers by snipping, unravelling and then grafting.  Pretty easy since the tips involved no shaping.

Swatch, experiment with short-row wedges.
source:  Sally Melville, Colors, p. 126.
yarns:  MC is “Botanica” by Halcyon Yarn, color #8
           CC is 2 strands:  “Color Baby” merino by Stampato, color #805(lot137), and “Linie 176 – Lunetta” acrylic/nylon by ONline, color #20 cantaloupe (lot3865)
needles:  Boye circular size 7

“Ice Cream Sweater”, bottom-up seamless raglan, plus front pocket
pattern/source:  Jacqueline Fee, Sweater Workshop.
yarn:  “Botanica” worsted-spun wool by Halcyon Yarn, colors #51(chocolate fudge), 8(Italian raspberry ice), 49(jamoca) . . . so far.  I hope to add daiquiri ice before underarm and grand ma’s vanilla afterwards.
needles:  Plymouth bamboo circular, size 7(leading tip, 6 on trailing tip)

Green socks for my mother.  Two simultaneously (so they’ll match) on 2 circulars (to get up to speed before switching ndls).
pattern/source:  Wendy’s short-row toe/heel, 3×1 ribs on instep and calf, to 1×1 cuff.
yarn:  “Silja” superwash wool w/ 20% nylon, by Asa Gjestal Spinneri in Norway, color #312(lot18651).
needles:  Brittany birch dpns size 3, 29″ Inox Express circular size 2.5/3mm, 26″ and 40″ Crystal Palace bamboo circ size 3.

Gee, I got some photos in.  Took basically all day, and still can’t fly solo. . . .  I can see there’s going to be a learning curve to go through on this!  But the info is now captured.

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